Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Spectrum (for real)

Okay, tonight we have the actual post (or something not quite unlike it) of my 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum box break. I semi-randomly chose 7 cards to represent one card from each pack (since the cards had been shuffled). I dealt the rest of the cards to seven imaginary poker players, then dealt the ones from the scans. So, let's take a trip to the land of forged collations and see what we have:

Ah, yes, pseudo-pack #1 gives us the "greedy" in McReady, Mr. Maddux. Also joining in the fun are Robinson Cano, Prince Fielder, and David Ortiz.

Is it me, or does Babe Ruth often have the look of, "Good, God, just take my blankety-blank picture already" on his face? Though not a Tribe card, there is at least reference to them on the card face... Also in this pseudo-pack are Derek Jeter Retro-rectum, er, Retrospectrum DJ83, Hunter Pence, and Nick Swisher.

Oh, look! Another wrecked-em, er Retrospectrum card. This one is DJ59, for those that care. And, if I look through my magic mirror, I also see Josh Beckett, Dan Haren, and Jonathon Papelbon. Really, three pitchers? Huh....

Hey, a Triber! I should have played "Tribe-or-no-Tribe" with this pseudo-pack. Also in here, we have Alex Gordon, Hank Blalock, and Eric Byrnes who looks like a cross between Pete Rose and Huey Lewis....

Ah, the "Memorabilia card in every box" turns out to be a White Sox jersey with pinstripe showing! Not a bad pull of a Freddy Garcia card if you have to pull a Garcia card. Hanley Ramirez, Barry Zito (with completely round imprint from my Son's glass evidently), and Johan Santana round out the "pack."

Carl Crawford leads off this "pack" which seems fitting considering he seems to be playing well this season.. :-) Add in a little A-Rod, some Berkman, and a dash of Dunn to finish out the group.

The last "pack" in the box starts with Dice-K in a ridiculously manufactured pose. Next is Brandon Phillips, Sammy Sosa (huh, didn't realize he still played - LOL jk), and Dan Uggla.

Considering that the same blaster boxes are being bought on eBay for half what you buy them for in Wal-Mart, I suggest you buy them online rather than "in line...." :-)

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