Thursday, May 22, 2008

1994 Fleer Sunoco Atlantic

I saw these packs on eBay and hadn't heard of them that I could recall. I knew of some Sunoco cards in '97 or '98 that featured two hall-of-fame players from several teams, but I had not seen these ones. When I opened the pack, I knew I had not seen them. They look just like Fleer 1994 cards, but on the back, they have a Sunoco and Atlantic logo.

Bagwell looks like he is putting his mouth on some glass and blowing real hard. His mouthpiece is two sizes too big. You would think I would be pretty excited to get a Bagwell out of the pack, and I was... Until I saw there were TWO of them, followed by TWO Roberto Alomars:

The last card in the pack is a John Olerud (who looks like he is about to swat the logo with his bat):

So, two duplicates in a pack of five cards!? Man, talk about lousy collation!

I ended up with seven packs in the lot that I purchased, and based on the first pack I opened, I may save the others for a rainy day...or a hurricane...or a black hole into which to chuck these puppies. Then again, I will be playing "Tribe-or-no-Tribe" with one of them, just for the sake of doing it....


William said...

I remember these cards, I have the entire set. From what I can recollect, you could pull a Baerga [and maybe Alomar Jr.?] from this set.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

I have 3 cards left over from this set. Bell, Dalton, and Fielder.

Lmk how you make out with your other packs.

You had to fill up at an Atlantic or Sunoco station to get these. Bought a lot of Sunoco gas that summer.