Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2008 UD Spectrum Blaster Box

Editor's Note: This space should be filled with a blaster box post from today's purchase of a 2008 UD Spectrum 7-pack box. Instead, the author has chosen to vent a little frustration. Please excuse him, as he is the father of a 12 year-old son who has yet to share the same enthusiasm for baseball card collecting as his father. The actual post, or some incarnation thereof, will appear within a day or two of this post. Thank you.

While making a trip to the local Wally World (that is Wal-Mart for those that are not familiar with the vernacular used by the folks that live in the state where everything is either Razorback Red or Wal-Mart blue), I stopped by the card aisle, and was inexplicably drawn to the box of 2008 UD Spectrum sitting on the shelf. I was so hypnotized by whatever marketing ploy UD uses, I never even bothered to see that I was getting 28 cards for 20 bucks. Ouch. And, nevermind that I remembered a "live" box break of the same stuff recently on here.

On the way home from work, I busted open the box and began opening packs, thinking back to the post about a similar box on here. So, as I traveled the two-lane highway that runs from my "neighborhood" to my work, I popped open pack after pack of four-card wonders. By "wonder," I mean, "I wonder why in the heck I did not look to see how many cards I was getting for my money!" I passed a cop heading the other direction, and I was sure he was going to flip a "U-ey" when he saw the sun glinting off the shiny blue background of the cards in my hand. He did not.

So, what happened that I am not posting the actual contents of the box at this time? My son happened. Or more specifically, my son's extra-large glass of some red-dyed fruit punch substance with ice happened. The glass went into the cup holder where the cards were, and the cards were unceremoniously tossed onto the floor. Of course, I did not realize this had happened until he dropped something at his feet and I looked down to see the shiny blue backgrounds all glinting up at me, as if to say, "Help us!" I collected the cards, or rather HE did, and they have been inadvertently left in the truck overnight.

Let's just say there is one 12 year-old boy whose back of the head may very well be still throbbing. (I am exaggerating for effect, so please save your quarters)

Normally, such treatment of cards wouldn't phase me a bit. But, then again, I rarely pay retail what I did for so few cards in return. Let's call it a matter of poor timing. I think the fact that I had already planned to post the box break on here and now the cards were all out of order also added to my frustration level - which had also been coupled with what I will refer to as "normal" pre-teen issues and drama.

So, for all you folks that like to open packs and boxes and post the finds here, let this be a warning to you... Save your breaks for the house and for the blog... Taking a 'sneak peek' just may bite you in the butt...

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