Saturday, May 31, 2008

2008 Topps Series 2 - A Full House!

While perusing Wal-Mart last night, I finally decided on a pack of 2008 Topps Series 2. After all, I "could" win a Dick Perez painted card... LOL, yeah, fat chance. Oh well, I wanted something to post on here, so I grabbed it up.

The first card in the pack is Austin Kearnes. He sure seems to have an affinity for Red, doesn't he? I like 2008 Topps, but this is a prime example of the picture being way too small!

There is also a Joba in the pack. Being that I am not a Yankees fan, nor do I really follow the life and times of Mr. Chamberlain, I have no idea what his current situation is. Is he still in a position to pull off this same expression?

The last card in the pack happens to be the same guy who appears on the pack wrapper. I always thought it was kinda cool when you pulled the player featured on the packs (yes, even when you pulled a Pete Rose 1986 tattoo).

As I was flipping through the cards, I noticed a LOT of blue and "gold" circles. After closer examination, I discovered I had drawn a FULL HOUSE! 2 Royals (Miguel Olivo and Matt Tupman) and 3 Padres (Callix Crabbe (can't help what your parents' last names are...), Brian Giles, and Scott Hairston). So, do all the Series 2 packs feature such poker-rich hands??

Other cards in the pack include: Tim Lahey, Mickey Mantle #62 (Look, I like The Mick, but come on, people, this has been played out WAY past its prime), Adrian Gonzalez (HOLY CRAP! I just realized I pulled FOUR-OF-A-KIND in Padres!!), Adam Jones, a Topps Town card, and a Topps All-Star Rookie voting card... Wow, nothing like getting two filler cards.. And I thought those days were long gone....

All in all, no Tribers, four blankety-blank Padres, two Royals, and a partridge in a pear tree. It's something like but not quite the same as Christmas...or the World Poker Tour...


William said...

I can see Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten now:
Mike: "David rivered Four-of-a-kind Padres with a Mickey Mantle kicker, Vince!"
Vince: "There's a chorus line of lovely ladies dancing in his head right now...and he's trapping his opponent by check-raising! You're not gonna see this at your home games ladies and gentlemen!"
Mike: "And David's all-in! Looks like he's sending another player to join the railbirds!"
Vince: "I'm the greatest thing ever."

tastelikedirt said...

"two Royals" in Royal Flush?