Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Two Thousand and Eight Topps Heritage

It's high time I ripped a few more packs of those cards with the lower-case fonts and the purty solid colors and the circle cutouts. Soon a gallon of gas will cost me more than a pack of this stuff. $4 is just plain criminal...on both counts.

Pack 1
124 Armando Galarraga Rookie Stars RC - This reminds me that I miss Andres Galarraga. Where have you gone, Big Cat?
340 Hank Blalock - The card back talks of his appearance in the "All-Star Game exhibitions". But don't they know that This Time It Counts?!
217 Jered Weaver - "Jered and Jeff are the only brothers ever to pitch for the Angels." Oh, how soon we forget about Nolan and Shecky Ryan.
364 Fred Lewis
316 Melvin Mora - Melmo is my first double of the pack. He's also grimacing, which is as close to a smile as he usually gets.
65 Jason Giambi - So, um, he still pretty much gets a free pass for the years of steroid abuse, doesn't he? That seems fair.

456 Corey Patterson SP - Leave it to Dusty Baker to let this guy bat leadoff.
41 Kelvim Escobar black variation

Pack 2
288 James Loney - I can't wait until Chris Berman starts calling him James "One is the Loney-est Number". You know he will. It's long and unwieldy, it's unfunny, and it's a forty-year-old song.
106 Troy Glaus - Paging George Mitchell...
349 Erik Bedard - This card smells like gum. Gum and an injury-prone smartass who may some day be mentioned in the same breath as Ernie Broglio. But I'm not a homer or anything.

402 Dustin McGowan
270 Prince Fielder - Why do I dislike ESPN? It might have something to do with their talking heads shrieking about stupid crap like whether Prince Fielder's new vegetarian diet has sapped his power.
187 Carlos Silva - Was instrumental in the longest game I ever sat through in person.
465 Augie Ojeda SP - I saw this card and thought of Augie Doggie. How old am I?
40 Tim Hudson black variation

Pack 3
100 Jack Cust - a.k.a. Rob Deer 2008
272 Aaron Harang - Eek!
48 Baltimore Orioles Team Card - The entire front row (ten guys) is coaches and instructors. Overkill, no?
250 Felix Pie - Suddenly, I'm having sympathy pains all over again.
218 Rafael Soriano - dayf talked this guy up so much, I drafted him for my fantasy team. Well, someone had to hold down my DL spot, I guess.
227 Shane Victorino - Superfly!
C27 Adam LaRoche Chrome - Bah.

284 Luis Gonzalez black variation - This entire pack (save for the crummy Chrome card) was doubles. I'm nearing the end of my pack-buying for this set.


Mr. Schwartz said...

At least Topps took the time to put some effort into the back of these cards. BTW, they are $2.99 at Walmart encased in plastic so people can't "feel" out the cards. It will though cost a near-fortune to attempt to build a complete set, so I'll probably not buy anymore until they show up in the 500 for $5 bin at the local card shop.

Captain Canuck said...

"crummy" chrome card?!?!?!
Hello? trade him to me!

dayf said...

I just knew Brian would take offense to the "crummy" LaRoche card comment. :)

Captain Canuck said...

if only the birds had a 1st baseman 1/2 as good.... just jealousy, that's all...

We!ner said...

i think mr. berman will actually begin calling james loney, james "only the loney."