Saturday, May 03, 2008

2008 Press Pass Football

While I lack the time and knowledge to construct a treatise on the global economy, I feel the need to point out the effect the price of a barrel of oil has on my collecting, this blog, and the hobby in general. Simply put, $57 for a tank of gas leaves little left over for cards. Trips to Target often end with a visit to the card aisle, and these visits have recently been punctuated with a big, fat "nuthin'." Today I wanted to try out some new stuff without breaking the bank. Last year I was fortunate enough to purchase a grand total of two packs of football cards. There's enough 1991 Score football product just sitting there (available for sale or trade) to remind me that I should stick to a single sport.

Last weekend's draft got me in the mood for this pack. The only interesting moment for me personally was the moment Brian Brohm's name flashed on the screen. Since he has a last name that is very similar to mine, I had to do a double-take and make sure I wasn't draft-elegible. While I can clock a 4.2-40, my 5'5" stature makes it hard for me to see over my offensive linemen. Well, at least my Packers drafted Brohm in the second round, an absolute steal. While it might be quarterback-by-committee for a while a Green Bay, at least the team is trying to re-secure the position. Heck, he's on the top of my pack. This is a good omen.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
56 Glenn Dorsey Trophy Club (Drafted fifth overall by the Chefs, whose end zone was painted by a guy who redeemed himself for the mistake by eating a Snickers.)

49 John Carlson Reflectors Parallel (1:1) (Drafted by the Seattle Seahawks, 3.91 GPA.)

PP-4 Darren McFadden Primetime Players (1:4) (Drafted fourth overall by the Raiders. When there's an article on Yahoo's homepage the day before the draft about how the team nobody wants to get drafted by is the Oakland Raiders and you get drafted by the Oakland Raiders...well, that's just too bad.)

48 Chauncey Washington (Selected in the 7th round of the NFL Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Born in Torrance, California, the same place Dirk Diggler communted from on a nightly basis just to work a job washing dishes in Maurice's night club.)

Grade: B-
You get a large variety of cards in a pack, which is nice. I am also a big fan of collegiate-licensed cards. I remember back in the 1990s when rookies and draft picks in NFL products always had those blank helmets that made them look like rec-league players rather than the ballers they were. I guess I expect a little more from a pack that retails for $2.99 and only has 4 cards in it. No matter, this is half of my yearly allowance anyways.

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