Sunday, May 25, 2008

2004 MLB Showdown Trading Deadline

Last pack out of my Wal-Mart Cube. I think I've done ok so far between the UD, Ultra and the fact that the Box is already holding my 2008 Finest and Bowman cards. This pack here can push the box over the top and make it awesome if I can manage to pull a shiny premium card or a Hall-of-Famer out of the pack. Another Ben broussard will make me pull hair out of my head, so it could go both ways. The quest stands on the edge of a knife! Run Frodo! Run to Mordor and pull me a Yogi Berra card out of this pack!

National League East Checklist.

A quick pause here to note that Horacio Ramirez is the only Atlanta Brave in the set, and Kazuo Matsui is deemed worthy of being a premium card. THIS BODES NOT WELL.

En Fuego! Strategy card featuring a random Cardinal batter.
Lefty Shift Strategy card with #17 from the Rockies fielding a grounder.
Swing for the Fences! Strategy card with a Diamondback whose face is in the shadows.

Ok, now for the real cards in the pack.

106 Tino Martinez Super Season
053 Pat Hentgen
111 Nomah Gahciapahrrah Shiny Super Season premium card
046 Miguel Cabrera
078 Joel Pineiro
069 Derrek Lee
042 Reed Johnson
015 Arthur Rhodes

Well, you can't beat that pack with a dead cat. I got my shiny card and it was actually a decent one in Nomar back when he was good. Miguel Cabrera, Derrek Lee and Tino Martinez ain't too shabby either. Even haters of oddball collectible card came cards wouldn't mind this pack too much. I shoudl have known Pugde wouldn't let me down when I saw him on the wrapper. I think I got my money's worth on this box, even if Ben Broussard ganged up on me.


capewood said...

In 2004, there was MLB Showdown, MLB Showdown Pennant Run, and MLB Showdown Trading Deadline. I bought 4 or 5 packs of each when they were new. The problem with these cards is, once you take them out of the pack, you can't tell them apart except by a close examination of set checklists. There are no marks on the cards to indicate which set they came from and all of the sets are numbered from 1.

dayf said...

Actually, there's a tiny little barely noticeable or readable version of the trading deadline logo to the left of the card number. if you compare the cards they should all be like that, with the base set having no logo.

capewood said...

Wow, that was hard to see. I had to pull out the giant magnifying glass and I still could barely see it. It looks like the Pennant Run cards have a slightly different logo as well.