Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2007 Topps 52 Rookie Card

Do you know what I need? I need a Topps release calendar. This is like the third time this year that a Topps product was released and I was caught flat footed. Thankfully I didn't really care about this product. I went to the card shop to buy some bubble mailers because psychologically it's easier for me to spend a buck and a half in postage for a bubble mailer than a plain white envelope and boxes of '52 Rookies were sitting there. The owner said " Hey! 52 Rookies is out! and I said "um.... ok...." and he said "Don't you want a box?" and I said "um.... no....." and the fact that I wasn't excited about a Topps retro product seemed to shatter his entire world view. This is a really great card shop so I bought a pack to restore his faith in humanity.

103 Jensen Lewis
82 Alberto Arias
96 Ryan Z Braun
37 black Alexi Castilla
TCR77 gold refractor Eric Patterson #24/52
170 Justin Upton
112 Jay Marshall
121 Hector Gimenez

First of all, I would like to state for the record that if this was '53 Topps Rookies, I would have walked out with a case. I may have had to sell my car to do it, but I would have bought the case. Actually if I sold my car I might be able to afford a box of '88 Donruss and a bent Oddibie McDowell rookie card. Ok so I'd rob the dealership instead. They rob us all the time anyway. I am sick to death of the 1952 design that looks like it was designed by Sy Berger's dog after an all night kibble binge. I'm really bitter that after this was introduced last year I naturally assumed they'd just go down the design list and use the 1953 set like like with regular Topps Heritage. Then they go they foist off the same old crap on us again. The design is literally identical except for the copyright date. If you had a whole mess of these cards loose from both '06 and '07, it would take 8 years to sort them as you squint at the copyright date. C'mon Topps, why didn't you put some foil or a big 2007 edition logo or something on these things to differentiate them?? There was even one very easy thing they could have done to make this year's set stand out from last years:
Black Backs. Sadly this is a one in 6 pack short print variation and not the regular back for these cards. Ok fine, I got a short print, Justin Upton and a Gold Refractor. I don't care, it's the same old bullshit from Topps and I'm not buying it this time. There's too much other good looking stuff out there to be buying rehashed junk. Even the wrapper looks stupid. It looks like they took the 52 Heritage wrapper and inverted the colors. Don't believe me? Here it is with the negative colors:
Not much difference, eh? Actually I fib. This is the prototype wrapper for the 2008 '52 Rookies "You'll Buy Anything We Put Out So Who Gives A Fuck" edition. They're not even going to change the date, us suckers will have to figure out that it's the 2008 set by ourselves.

By the way, the answer is c) Hector Gimenez.


--David said...

Topps seems to have ben stuck in 1952 since, well, 1952. Why? What is up with that? Does someone have an email address for Topps that we can send a message that simply says, "Quit making cards with the 1952 design. We're tired of them. Seriously. Quit." Then again, I tried that with Mickey-er-Microsoft and Vista, and didn't even get so much as a form-letter reply....

--David said...

And what the blankety-blank is up with my friggin "E" key!? All my "been"'s come out as "ben"'s! Yeesh...