Thursday, March 13, 2008

1987 Topps!

More from Reading. I am going for one a week on these. Here's what the packs looked like 21 years ago.


Roger Mason got the wax mark on the back. I remember him with the Phillies. He is also a lot older than I thought.
Julio Franco, as an Indian, I hope someone signs him so he can play until he's 50
Bill Schroeder, I had a teacher named Schroeder once
Mike Morgan, as a Mariner, his 4th ML team. His hobbies include sailing
Darren Daulton
Jim Deshaies record breaker, first modern player to start game with 8 strikeouts. Mickey Welsh had 9 in 1884 but that didn't count because it happened 103 years ago.
Checklist, 529-660.
Giants Leaders featuring the Giants battery on the road
Frank Pastore
Spring Fever Baseball. Win a trip to Spring Training '88.
Whitey Herzog, eventual Hall of Famer. Has a really duh look on his face.
Bob Boone
Ron Shepherd, it is rare to find a player I have never heard of at all. He is one.
Gary Redus, he has three daughters Lakesha, Manesha, and Nakosha. I guess Garesha didn't come to mind?
Dennis Lamp, In 1985, he went 11-0 with 2 saves.
Jose Oquendo
Larry Sheets
Al Nipper with gum damage that came through the card

Not much going for this pack beside the great borders and Julio Franco's great stance, let's go a C+.


--David said...

I say he comes back to the Tribe like Lofton. Why not bring the old-timers back to play actively? :-)

William said...

I'd personally like to see the one and only Brook Jacoby playing alongside Travis Hafner and Grady Sizemore.

Mr. RedSox said...

I think I opened 30+ boxes of '87 Topps. I have about 25 McGwire Rookies, 40 Ruben Sierra's 60 Pete O'Brien's and 30 Marvell Wynne's to prove it. Hard to believe it was that long ago. Makes me want to break out my ancient 85-89 storage boxes and hum Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue. Thanks for the pictures!

ManOfSteal said...

You can never go wrong with 1987 Topps! The first pack of cards I ever received was from this set, and it was also the first set I ever personally completed. I've still got the set, as well as the color coded team name dividers to prove it!