Monday, March 17, 2008

Top O' the Evening! 2008 Topps Heritage Box Break, Part One

Here's the second end of today's doubleheader! On a whim, I checked eBay the Friday before last for 2008 Heritage boxes. I lucked out: hobby box + Buy It Now + free shipping = Kevin's wheelhouse. Because you're probably just as impatient as I am, I'll be ripping four packs per blog entry. Of course, there's a little something extra in this first installment. Pulling up the lid of the box, we have the ever-titillating 3-card advertising panel. Mine features the Cubs team card, Tadahito Iguchi, and Mariano Rivera. Could've been better, but at least there's a surefire Hall of Famer there. No buyback in this box, so let's cue up the ripping!
Pack 1
144 J. R. Towles RC Rookie Stars - Yes, it's the pigment-challenged Astros catcher of the future.
66 B. J. Ryan
277 Mark Teahen - So interrupts the box-opening run of initials.
256 Rich Aurilia
379 Franklin Morales - My first pink-bordered card of the set. It's adorable.
210 J. J. Putz - Back to the initials.
TN3 Orlando Cepeda and Magglio Ordonez Then & Now - The Baby Bull and Maggs make for one nifty card.

175 Jeff Weaver black number - I think it would've been funny if they'd Photoshopped out the Mariners uniform and listed his team as "Pending". But then, I'm a weirdo.

Pack 2
136 Nyjer Morgan RC Rookie Stars - It would be nice if his career took off in the next couple of years, since I pulled his autograph in my 2008 Topps box last month.
222 Cesar Izturis
274 Ubaldo Jimenez - Ubaldo is Dominican for "Steve". Also, that's not at all true.

402 Dustin McGowan
270 Prince Fielder - Not pictured: The giant Cecil-sized chip on his shoulder.
24 Felix Hernandez - Bleh, my first double. I already pulled F-Her from a few loose packs I picked up at my hobby store.
447 Felipe Lopez SP - One short print down, 74 to go. Oy vey.
52 Omar Vizquel black number - I didn't realize he was a career .274 hitter. That's mildly impressive.

Pack 3
167 Juan Pierre - Soon to be baseball's most expensive fourth outfielder.
103 Bengie Molina - More like Slow-lina. Ouch.
223 Cardinals Team Card
125 Harvey Garcia RC Rookie Stars - Go figure, a rookie on the Marlins.
416 Asdrubal Cabrera
348 Joba Chamberlain - Watch out for those bugs, Joba!

3 Eric Byrnes - I'm of the opinion that he should be seen and not heard.
16 Ichiro black number - He stole 41 straight bases last year without being caught. Wow!

Pack 4
235 Roy Oswalt - His career record is 112-54, which my powers of deduction tell me is very good.
156 Brandon Webb and Jake Peavy: Ace Hurlers - They look like they're hugging. Aww.

64 Francisco Rodriguez
397 Nationals Team Card
314 Mark Kotsay - Always have to appreciate someone whose name sounds like Pig Latin.
34 Magglio Ordonez and Curtis Granderson: Pitchers Beware
C20 Justin Verlander Chrome 1283/1959 - It's hard to get the full shiny effect of the Chrome cards, since I've only pulled black bordered ones.
335 Brandon Phillips black number - He's from Stone Mountain, GA, just like wrestling great Jake "the Snake" Roberts.


MMayes said...

You don't like to listen to Eric Byrnes? He was cracking me up on his XM radio show this winter talking with "direct from the Mitchell Report, FP Santangelo" about the view of the Golden Gate Bay from the handicapped stall in the men's room at the horse track there, calling D-Back bench coach Kirk Gibson "Wacker" (for Wack-Job). Kind of unusual fellow, but would probably have to be taken in small doses.

Jason T. Carter said...

Funny, I never thought of Iguchi as a sure-fire Hall of Famer before.