Thursday, March 20, 2008

1992-93 Upper Deck Hockey

I don't know if I should open this pack. It says Every Pack Puts You In The Game! and I can't skate. These are Limited Edition and Holographically Enhanced. I paid 83 cents for the pack. I hope I find the Gretzky.

Here goes...

Randy Wood
Peter Sidorkiewicz Ottawa Senators Team Checklist, just four players since this will be their first NHL season
Benoit Brunet
Rick Tabaracci of the Winnipeg Jets
Daniel Marois
Ron Sutter
Joe Murphy
Mike Vernon, outside chance at the Hall of Fame, pack is getting a little better
Alexander Karposev, Russian Stars
Bobby Holik of the Hartford Whalers (sniff!)
Nicklas Sundblad, World Junior Tournament, 2 NHL games, now playing in Italy
Shayne Corson
Dmitri Yushkevich, Russian Stars, former Flyer!
J.J. Daigneault
Tomas Sandstrom

No signed Gretzky but all 15 cards are holographically enhanced. This pack grades a D.

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shoeboxlegends said...

Hah, nice Bobby Holik card. I actually remember Peter Sidorkiewicz goaltending for the Whalers once or twice at games I went to at the Hartford Civic Center.

Nice to see some hockey cards on A Pack a Day!