Sunday, March 30, 2008

2008 Upper Deck "Super Star" Blaster

I was in Wally-World this morning and found this, thing.

It looked like a Blaster, or was it? I've never seen anything quite like it before. Instantly my curiosity was piqued and picked up two.

You get 75 cards plus a three-card "Super Star Pack" that's exclusive to this packaging type. What those 75 cards are, (i.e. what, if any, inserts you get) is not explained anywhere on the box. There is a mention of the Yankee Stadium Legacy mirror set, but it does not say how many (or even if you get one) there are in each box. I guess the only way to figure these out, is to bust it up. I've already posted the first box to YouTube, so here's the second.

Base Set: 72 cards

3 Super Stars: P. Fielder, D. Wright, D. Jeter
1 Presidential Predictor: Stewart and O'Reilly

2 Yankee Stadium Legacy

The Super Star Pack exclusive inserts are a ten-card pseudo-parallel. The designs look similar, the card numbers on the reverse side are the same, but the pictures on the obverse are different. In other words, it's just another half-assed made-for-retail insert.

I should also be noted that each pack had a card explaining the retail-exclusive StarQuest insert program. However neither of these boxes yielded one. (WTF?)

If you're just looking to build a base set as quickly and cheaply as possible, I highly recommend these Super Star packs. They are in essence, a $10, 75-card pack. Buy about six of these, and you've got your set. Other than that, there's no reason to bust these.


capewood said...

I bought one of these at Toys R Us yesterday. After I got it home I noticed on the side of the box it says Series 0ne. I got two of the Yankee Stadium Legacy cards. The Super Star set is nice, actually I think its nicer than the regular cards. I suspect the Super Star inserts, since they are numbered like the regular cards but have different pictures will cause confusion in the future. I didn't get any other inserts.

Did you notice the little Made In The USA logo on the bottom right front of the box? Why does it also say 'Unleaded'. And the hologram on the back is pretty cool.

dayf said...

Ha! you got a Rated Rookie t-shirt.


P.J. said...

The t-shirt is the first thing I noticed, too. Too sweet!