Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Overkill Day at APAD: 2008 Topps Heritage Box Break, Part Two

We've already had a flurry of activity on A Pack a Day this evening, but good things always come in threes. Besides, I had a pretty awful day and need to blow off some steam. My cardboard opiate is calling out to me. Who am I to refuse? On a side note, I'm opening these packs from left to right, and top to bottom if you're the analytical type.

Pack 5
15 Sean Marshall - Sean's a fellow August 1982 baby.

309 Craig Monroe - Double #2, both from the packs I bought pre-box.
206 Jake Westbrook
68 Derek Jeter - As you can see in dayf's post below, Derek looks kind of puffy and broiled.
378 Johnny Estrada - Photoshopped into a Mets uni he'll never wear. He's with the Nationals as of this writing.
40 Tim Hudson
NF1 Alaska becomes the 49th State - I love U.S. history as much as the next guy, but this card is boring.
336 Ian Kinsler black variation - I'm glad he doesn't pronounce it "EYE-in", like the third-rate sports announcer from CBS.

Pack 6
193 David Murphy - Though the Red Sox traded him to Texas in July, Topps obviously just took an old picture of him in a Sawx uniform and futzed it up; he's got the same dark wall background that several Boston players have.
305 John Lackey - He may be ugly as sin, but he carried my fantasy staff last year.
208 Billy Butler - The Royals traded Billy Buckner because they couldn't keep him and Butler straight.
364 Fred Lewis
41 Kelvin Escobar - He'd be even better if he wore Rec Specs.
NAP15 David Ortiz New Age Performers - A bit late for St. Patty's Day...

2 Placido Polanco black variation - Complete with Polanco's comically oversized head.

Pack 7
73 Dustin Pedroia - Another double. Is this what I get for trying to get a head start with my pack rips a few weeks ago?
209 Lance Berkman - Caramba! Double #4.
252 Bobby Crosby
108 Pat Burrell - The fourth straight red border to open this pack. Hmm.
218 Rafael Soriano
365 Adrian Beltre
436 Ryan Freel SP - Not pictured: Farney. Or is he?

7 Joey Gathright black variation - 1 home run in 866 ML at-bats. That's downright Belliardian.

Pack 8
149 Barry Zito's contract
247 Dmitri Young - D'meathook! They should have named the new Nationals Stadium after him.
166 Victor Martinez, Travis Hafner, Grady Sizemore: Destruction Crew - I bet rasslin' fan Hafner thinks this is an awesome name for a three-man tag team.
253 Justin Ruggiano RC - He doesn't get the Rookie Stars treatment, but he does get the lame new "Rays" logo.
158 Aaron Cook
155 Johnny Damon
C8 Felix Hernandez Chrome 1290/1959 - This one's red; much shinier than my black Chromes.

40 Tim Hudson black variation - We'll call it a night with my first complete pair of black and green backs.

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