Friday, March 07, 2008

1990 Topps


I am entering for a trip to 1991 Spring Training. This is a pack from the 6 for $5 group from Reading last weekend. Here is a picture of the pack.

Now the cards...
Jody Davis (with wax stain)
Ron Hassey, did you know he caught two perfect games? Barker '81 and Martinez '91
Jack Armstrong, started the '90 All Star Game for the NL
Mike Devereaux
Franklin Stubbs
Carlton Fisk, lots of small print on the back of this, 20 seasons at this point
Mark Grant, I was hoping it was Mark Grace
Lance McCullers
Spring Fever Drawing Card
Storm Davis
Ed Nunez
Ton Niedenfuer
Rick Mahler
Terry Steinbach
Jim Abbott, posed with the glove over his non-hand
Paul Coleman, #1 Draft Pick
Kelly Downs

Saved by Carlton Fisk, this pack grades out at a B-.


MMayes said...

Paul Coleman? Oh, we thought he was Vince Coleman's clone. Never mind.

Billy Suter said...

When I first read where Paul Coleman went to high school, I thought it said "Frankenstein High School". Sounds like a cool place to go, huh?

Steve Gierman said...

Fisk saves.

William said...

I have 3 thoughts in regard to your post:
1) The episode of "Boy Meets World" that featured a guest appearance by Jim Abbott changed my life,
2) I highly doubt anyone even won that "Spring Fever" contest, and
3) My uncle once got a bad case of Spring Fever and was laid up until the All-Star game.

Great post, great product.