Thursday, March 20, 2008

2008 Topps Heritage Wal-Mart Blaster: Packs #4 & #5

More one-on-one hot Topps Heritage action!

Pack #4
Base: M. Capps, J. Beckett, W. Balentien (RC), J. Borowski, N. Lowry
Variation: D. Willis
Autogamer: Roy Oswalt Clubhouse Collection (1:95)

Pack #5
Base: J. Vazquez, Jer. Weaver, C. Young, D. Haren, X. Nady, H. Blalock, D. Cabrera
Variation: J-Roll

Just curious, but does anybody rip Topps Heritage just for the autogamers? I ask this rhetorical question because, are these cards even necessary in a product like this?

Oh well, at least I have something (along with a Heritage Chrome I pulled in another Wal-Mart Blaster) in my trade bait pile for some Roy Oswalt super collector.

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