Thursday, March 27, 2008

At Least It Ain't Heritage: 2006 Topps Series Two Jumbo

Now that I've been glutted on 2008 Topps Heritage, I thought I'd return to the slowest box break in history. As a reminder, I bought this jumbo hobby box back in February to get free shipping on my 2008 Topps Series One. This is pack number seven, kicking off the second half of the box. As I'm posting this, North Carolina and Washington State have tipped off and I'm rooting for the Tar Heels for office pool purposes. I feel so dirty...

465 Joel Piniero - Card back says that scouts convinced him to switch from shortstop to pitcher. *Rolls eyes* Good call, guys.
470 Jeremy Bonderman
456 Brad Lidge - I figure he'll turn his career around as soon as Pujols' home run from the 2005 NLCS lands.
636 Matt Cain RC

445 Jeff Francoeur Topps All-Star Rookie - "Francoeur" is French for "Dayf's Forbidden Love". True story.
490 Magglio Ordonez
513 Ervin Santana - I believe he lost 38 games on the road last year, give or take a few.
384 Toby Hall
OD-JT Blue Jays vs. Twins Opening Day

SC-BF Ben Franklin US Constitution - Awesome! These inserts are totally getting me in the mood to watch 1776. Also, John Adams. Alas, I am without HBO.
522 Jason Isringhausen - Fire up the dupes!
349 Jason Jennings
463 Todd Walker
493 Eddie Guardado
546 Andy Sisco
596 Buddy Bell MGR - Yep, still dupes...
583 Craig Counsell
575 Roy Oswalt
333 Ryan Langehans
455 Dontrelle Willis
408 Jon Lieber
Checklist 1 of 3
MHR38 Mickey Mantle Home Run History #38 - I think he hit all of these off of the Tigers and Red Sox.
348 Reggie Sanders
447 Jacque Jones
424 Tony Womack - Sigh, still dupin' it up.
504 Phil Nevin
643 Willie Eyre RC
532 Scot Shields
416 Roberto Hernandez
426 Dustin McGowan - Come ON.
658 Up the Middle: Ivan Rodriguez and Carlos Guillen
614 Padres Team Card
650 Philly Phanatics: Pat Burrell and Mike Lieberthal - Hey, a card I didn't have yet!

604 Nationals Team Card - Another newbie. It's a team card, but I'll take what I can get at this point.


William said... had to bring up the Pujols blast, didn't you? Now I won't be able to sleep tonight.

dayf said...

If lovin' Frenchy is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Kevin said...

William, if it makes you feel better, I lie awake at night tortured by flashbacks of Armando Benitez's "performance" in the 1997 ALCS. I mean, come on...TONY FERNANDEZ?!!

I laughed out loud when I heard that the Jays signed Armando recently.