Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2005 Topps Total

Topps... Heritage...

You wouldn't LIKE me when I rip ...



GRAAAAAAAARRRR-oh hey, look a pack of 2005 Topps Total! Let's open it!

673 Jason Grimsley & BJ Ryan
26 Yadier Molina
484 Doug M. (you know who it is)
AW20 Manny Ramirez Total Award Winner
11 Joel Piniero
477 Shea Hillenbrand
225 Orlando Hernandez
577 Tim Redding & Brad Baker
121 Ricky Ledee
351 Einar Diaz

I love this stuff. I hate that this is gone and lousy phoned-in Opening Day is still around polluting the shelves. 770 card set, a bunch of combo cards of relief pitchers and scrubs, a handful of ok insert sets and a neat little game on the back for a buck a pop. Gotta love it. I'm not sure if I ever completed the set because I have it sorted into teams. Yeah, I actually played the game. I had some long late night shifts under heightened internet monitoring conditions so you do what ya have to. This pack was actually pretty crappy other than the Manny insert Since I don't have anything more to say about the pack, let's play the game. We'll match up El Duque and a very stoned looking Ricky Ledee since Ricky's the only one in the pack capable of hitting a homer.

All right here's the match up. The colors match up in a stop light fashion:
Yellow beats Green
Red beats Yellow
Green beats Red .
There's an Orange on the seecrit special shiny cards that beats everything but I didn't pull one of them.

Underneath the card number you'll see a number from 1 to 10 in a gray box. That's the number for the pitch. Let's use BJ Ryan's card.

8. Don't worry about the Rating number, that's used when building teams.

You check the cards and #8 shows both results are Green. Tie goes to the pitcher and Ricky strikes out. Here's Yadier's number:

Yellow beats Green so we go with the result on Hernandez' card which is a fly out. Ok, it's the same result on both cards, but you get the point. Here's Doug's card:

Ricky strikes out again. El Duque's throwing the heat. No number on Manny, so Piniero's up next:

Green beats Red so Ricky wins the matchup. A Pyhrric victory as he turns a single into a ground out. Ledee can't catch a break. If you look carefully at the two cards, you'll see that the only favorable result for Ricky is a number 7, which results in a bomb to right. Since I didn't get a 7 in this pack, we'll mercifully end Ricky's batting practice.


Ok, not that fun. But ten bucks for a blaster meant ripping 11 packs full of good looking cards you could build into teams to kill a couple of hours. A blaster of Opening Day gets you red retinal burn, a rehashed set and eternal sorrow. BRING BACK TOTAL!!! Or at the very least a cheap 700+ card decent looking set to build that isn't from the 1980's. Is that too much to ask?


AlbuqwirkE said...

I agree completely! Topps Total cards are awesome for getting autographs too.

Chris Harris said...

I second the motion. Just without the indecipherable CCG.

Captain Canuck said...

I'm confused... I wish dayf would just come out and say what he thinks about Opening Day..

Some of us rely on his opinions, and he just won't give it....

dayf said...

The CCG isn't indecipherable, I just deciphered it!