Sunday, March 23, 2008

Topps Heritage Pack-Akkake! Target Blaster, Packs #2 & #3

Pack #2

Base: J. Beckett, J. Cust, S. Smith RC, Dice-K & Beckett, Lofton Baseball Thrill, R. Wolf, K. Lohse (SP)
Variation: H. Kendrick

Pack #3

Base: V. Guerrero, J. Posada, J. Weaver, A. Harang, H. Blalock, C. Crawford, C. Duffy
Insert: Antarctica News Flashback (1:12)

I never thought I'd say this, but if I had to pull a baseball card of an inanimate object, I'm glad it was a mountain in the Antarctic -- as opposed to a guitar or a windmill.

OBTW, I already pulled this card.

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Nice pulls with the Blasters. I have been doing 2 Target Blasters over the weekend. You are much further along than I am. I have been posting my pulls at