Monday, March 24, 2008

Topps Heritage Pack-Akkake! Target Blaster, Packs #4 & #5

Pack #4

Base: S. Marshall, F. Hernandez, J. Werth, N. Morgan RC, J. Reyes, Maine & Randolph, D. McGowan
Variation: S. Stewart

Pack #5

Base: T. Hudson, J. Bergmann, K. Greene, P. Fielder, C. Monroe, J. Estrada, J. Logo (SP)
Variation: T. Gwynn, Jr.

This is the fourth Blaster box of Topps Heritage I've thus far ripped. Add that to the Hobby box I ripped a few weeks ago, and I've opened 52 packs of '08TH.

In those 52 packs I've now received three Shannon Stewart black-back variations.

I've yet to pull a Shannon Stewart base card.

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Captain Canuck said...

at least Stewart made the team this year... and they cut Reed Johnson to make a spot for him(for some inexplicable reason)