Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2007 Topps '52 Rookie Card

Quick and Dirty 'cause I have a bad cold. I bought this pack out of the blue mainly because there were no blasters worth getting. I ended up hitting the Joba Jackpot.

76 Jon Knott
71 Jojo Reyes
89 Troy Cate
190 Joba Chamberlain variation
201 Joba Chamberlain
138 Curtis Thigpen

This pack beat the odds in more ways than one. Pulling the Joba base and Joba variation in the same pack is ridiculous enough, but this pack probably shouldn't have ended up in one piece. The blister pack caught the side of the wrapper and crimped the side, you can see the shadow on the right side of the scan is where it got completely fused together. Another centimeter to the left and the pack probably would have been ruined instead of merely snugly wrapped. Of course lucky bastard here pulls two Jobas and I'm more excited about Jojo Reyes, who is headed to Richmond. Anyone know that the Jobas book? The last Beckett I have is the Rookie Card issue and there's no '52 listings in there.

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ernest of canada said...

i wonder if there's a way to actually calculate the odds of that combined pull? according to the march Beckett, the rc # 201 is $3.00-$8.00 and the sp # 190b is $5.00-$12.00.