Monday, March 17, 2008

2007 Heritage blister pack

My misadventures with old Heritage packs recently have got me on the lookout for more goofy packs. I saw a pack of '07 Heritage in a three pack blister recently and decided to get it.

After busting it open, I got a pack of '07 Artifacts, a 2006 Hobby pack of Upper Deck Future Stars (whatever that is) and the Heritage pack. Inspection of the pack revealed that the seals on the ends are kind of krinkled, but there's no blatant evidence of tampering. This thing was five bucks or so, so I probably overpaid for a dumb experiment. Let's rip.

Pack 1: 2007 Artifacts
I actually like this stuff, but gave up on trying to complete it when Bowman Heritage came out. Hopefully I get a card or two for my set.

38 Derrek Lee
10 Grady Sizemore
54 Jose Reyes
96 Ryan Braun
94 Oswaldo Navarro

Good News: I needed Grady and Derrek.
Bad News: Further inspection shows all the cards have a small crease on the left side, either from getting jammed in the blister pack or from asshats abusing the retail packs. Oh well. Next pack.

Pack Two: 2006 Upper Deck Future Stars
I have no clue what this stuff is. 2006 was right in the middle of my "Upper Deck is the Devil" phase and I'm not sure I've ever seen any of this stuff before.

27 Miguel Cabrera
62 Ichiro
21 Victor Martinez
WBC-23 Nicholas Dempsey

Ahh, now I recognize this stuff. I bought a John Smoltz card from this set for 50 cents thinking it was an Upper Deck insert card. It sure looks like an insert. Not a bad pack, Miggy and Ichiro are always nice to get and Victor is underrated like most catchers. The World Baseball Classic insert is useless though, I got South Africa's cleanup hitter. Hooray. Much better than the first pack, but if I get a pile of 1990 ProSet football in the Heritage pack, this will be a disaster.

Pack 3: 2007 Topps Heritage
I'm looking for three things from this pack for it to be a success:
1) actual 2007 Heritage cards
2) an insert or SP
3) at least one card I don't already have
I'm not getting my hopes up.

241 Mike Gonzalez
152 Jason Schmidt
341 Pirates team / 6th series Checklist
394 Jeremy Sowers
THC93 Chrome Refractor Carlos Beltran #240/558
52 Jason Bay
7 Todd Helton
96 Kip Wells

Well, this pack sure wasn't searched... too bad it's Beltran. I've been pulling Mets like mad lately for some reason. Is there a Met fan out there who has a ton of Braves cards they don't want who would like to trade off enemy hostages? Especially Delgado fans, JEEZ I'm getting his cards like there's no tomorrow. And Paul LoDuca. Ugh. this isn't a bad pack at all though, Schmidt, Bay and Helton are nice cards and I pulled a Brave on the DL. Back by June! Maybe! Woohoo! I didn't pick up any for the set though, so better luck next time.


Voltaire said...

Sure hit the Indians jackpot!

Unknown said...

I love the scan of the blister pack. It looks as if the Topps Heritage pack is emerging from some sort of ghostly netherworld.