Monday, March 10, 2008

Sox Or No Sox: 3-10-08

Let's play America’s favorite pack opening game, Sox Or No Sox.

The rules are simple. We take one unopened pack of baseball cards that was randomly selected by yours truly. We then go through the pack card by card looking for those elusive White Sox cards.

Our player in tonight's game is a 2008 Topps Moments And Milestones pack. The pack contains 6 cards and every card is numbered. Let's begin.

#1: John Smoltz – 84 – Braves (42 Wins) 082/150
I swear, dayf and I should trade teams. I pull all the Braves cards and he pulls all the White Sox!

#2: Frank Thomas – 3 – White Sox (285 Home Runs) 131/150
Maybe I spoke too soon! Frank in a White Sox uniform is always a good thing.

#3: Trevor Hoffman – 32 – Padres (335 Career Saves) 041/150
The first pitcher to save 500 games. If he doesn’t get into the Hall of Fame, then there’s no hope for Lee Smith.

A White Sox card a third of the way through the pack! That’s awesome! No trap cards either. 3 cards left to go. Let’s see if we can get a White Sox card!

#4: Nick Swisher – 104 – Athletics (91 Walks) 022/150
A current member of the White Sox! Too bad that doesn’t count.

#5: Radhames Liz – 161 – Orioles (2008 Rookie) 1/25
Nice rookie numbered to 25!

#6: Troy Tulowitzki – 9 – Rockies (98 RBI) 150/150
He bested Nomar by 1 RBI in his rookie season! Cool.

OK, our pack opening is complete. Not too shabby. A rookie numbered to 25 and a Frank Thomas White Sox card. Very cool! The cards look nice too. If I come into a little extra cash, maybe I’ll pick a box up.

So, that’s ½ point for each card in the pack. 2 points for the White Sox card.

Final score: 5 points

A cool Frank Thomas White Sox card in this game, I’ll search for more next time on Sox Or No Sox.


Captain Canuck said...

the Smoltz is mine, mine! MINE!!!

P.J. said...

At least you got a Sox! Taxes will be coming back soon and that'll mean I can hopefully afford some packs soon and maybe I'll have some Sox to chat about! ;)