Friday, March 28, 2008

2006 Upper Deck Series 2

Here's pack 2 from that box thingy I got. You've seen them before, a big plastic unwieldy card case with some junk wax in them. This one happened to have the '07 Topps Braves team set in it so I succumbed to temptation. I may as well show off the crummy packs to get my money's worth. Well, not that crummy... no Opening Day, First Edition or TriStar junk in there. 2006 Upper Deck is pretty crummy though. Here are my crummy cards.

841 Phil Nevin
889 Khalil Greene Padres Checklist
975 Reynel Pinto RC
505 Jeff DaVanon
553 Scott Eyre
631 Mike Lamb
798 George Sherrill
657 JC Romero Gold #210/299

Well, I got a gold parallel, unfortunately it's of JC Romero... Romero was on the first Press Plate I ever pulled, it was him and some other guy from Topps Total. JC is in the Phillies pen now. George Sherrill has an impressive beard going. The Greene checklist card shows just how scroungy the player selection is in this series. I don't think Reynel Pinto is even still in the league. Aaaaaaand that's pretty much the pack, folks. How did Upper Deck get away with charging 3 bucks a pack for this crap? Oh wait, they didn't. that's why it's in repack boxes now. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see a comprehensive 1000 card set with full team rosters offered, but at 15 cards for a buck not 3 bucks for 8. What I'm saying is BRING BACK TOTAL DAMMIT.

Ahem, sorry that's just the medication talking.
(no it isn't)
(Upper Deck, you suck)


Captain Canuck said...

that may well be the worst "new" wax pack break I have ever seen...

you got nuthin' man... nuthin'...

sruchris said...

I'm about a 100 cards away from a 2006 Upper Deck complete set. I think it's the best UD set ever, design-wise. If you can help me finish it, I would be greatful.