Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Heritage Shenanigans - Part 2: 2006 Heritage Football Target el cheapo pack

Ok here's part two of my Heritage weirdness from this weekend. I was at Target on Saturday and they too had an el cheapo box of random packs. I apparently didn't learn my lesson with the '87 Heritage pack (or I wanted more) and I grabbed the pack of 2006 Heritage football they had. I can't resist cheap heritage, folks. I opened it up and got a different surprise:

55 Bowman this time. Veddy interestink. At least it's Heritage. Well let's check out this bounty!

Two cards of #314 Vince Perkins,

and six copies of #315 Tommy Murphy.

Gremlins! Gremlin alien chupacabra mothmen who collect a lot of 2004 Bowman Heritage! Or as a reader commented in the last post, maybe some jerk who bought a pack, took the cards, resealed it with crap and returned it to the store. This one is a lot more obvious than last time, you can clearly see the line where the pack was melted to reseal it.

You can sorta see it on the '07 pack too if you squint:

A whole bunch of doubles of two rookies who are still stuck in the minors. So another gyp. Or was it? I dug through my 04 Bowman heritage set and... yes! I needed the Tommy Murphy card! Hooray! Thanks, jerk opener, restuffer and returner of packs! It's like the rip of my '84 Donruss pack all over again. Ah, Memories...

(with any luck the scammer will click that YouTube link)

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Ken said...

I can identify....this has happened to me before, only I bought one of those $19.99 boxes from Target of baseball cards a couple years ago.....also got a bunch of mid-80s Topps with a scad of doubles. I've stuck to blasters at Target since.