Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Witty Title: 2006 Topps Series 2 Jumbo

Okay, I'm trying to get these 2006 jumbos out of the way, because I've got a hobby box of 2008 Topps Heritage coming soon. You knew I couldn't hold out for long...

477 Chan Ho Park - Everyone claimed that he grooved a fastball to Cal Ripken, Jr. in the 2001 All-Star Game. I'd say Chan Ho's career since then has proven that he's just lousy.
590 Joe Maddon MGR
466 Jay Payton
520 Carlos Beltran
568 Aubrey Huff - Payton and Huff; apparently this is the Disappointing 2007 Orioles pack.
543 Edinson Volquez - He's pictured in his Futures Game uniform. That's different.
553 Chris Duffy
481 Vinny Castilla GOLD 0169/2006 - One of these days I'll get a gold card of a star player.
OD-MN Mets vs. Nationals Opening Day
CS-GW George Washington US Constitution - Heck yeah! It's the founder of my alma mater.

400 Vladimir Guerrero
460 Randy Johnson
403 Brandon Webb - Now we're going on a run of stars.
369 Mike Hampton

420 Gary Sheffield
488 Chris Carpenter
547 Derek Lowe
365 Aramis Ramirez - On the card back, Dusty Baker compares him to Brooks Robinson. Blasphemy!
574 Darin Erstad
582 Francisco Rodriguez - I can't believe he's my age. He's been with the Angels for seven years.
527 Jose Vidro
511 Dmitri Young
Checklist 1 of 3
MHR58 Mickey Mantle Home Run History #58 - Some day these inserts will be all that is left of our society.
387 Ken Griffey, Jr.

528 Doug Mirabelli - His position should be listed as "Tim Wakefield's handler".
536 Scott Eyre
392 Sidney Ponson - I'm surprised he and Tony LaRussa didn't get along better, with their mutual appreciation of fine spirits.
442 Craig Monroe
534 Tim Stauffer
632 Ian Kinsler RC
626 Mark Woodyard
655 Cub Corners: Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez
613 Giants Team Card
657 D'Back Thunder: Luis Gonzalez, Shawn Green, and Koyie Hill - How late at night did the Topps checklisters stay up to churn out "D'Back Thunder"?
609 Pirates Team Card


Captain Canuck said...

if you look closely at the scan of Mike Hampton..... you can just barely see the beginnings of a left elbow ligament tearing...

morineko said...

Wakefield's handler, indeed. Let's see, Kelly Shoppach traded to Cleveland for a guy the Sox are now trying to dump, then Josh Bard lost because he couldn't handle the knuckler (and Cla Meredith with him...oops.)

I feel really sorry for Kevin Cash, George Kottaras, and Dusty Brown. Varitek will last forever. I get the feeling that Wakefield will as well.

dayf said...

G Dubaya in the hizzouse!

I got George already though. You don't happen to have an extra James Madison lying around do ya?

William said...

Chan Ho so grooved that pitch to Ripken. He later said it "was a retirement gift."

Kevin said...

dayf- Sorry, no Madison. Only Pepsi.