Monday, December 01, 2008

1953 Topps! archives, that is...

1953 Topps Archives. 12 cards per pack. 337 cards in the set. If only it was without the "Archives" *sigh* I have no idea where I got this pack. I found it in a box with a bunch of Action Packed Football and Pro Set Hockey. I was so excited, I ripped it open right there and then. Sorry for no wrapper scan. I didn't have my blogging cap on.
Willard Marshall - Reds
Dixie Walker - Cardinals - Back in college, I dated an 18 year old named Dixie... but that story should probably wait for another day.....
Walt Dropo - Tigers
Hoyt Wilhelm - Giants

Ray Murray - A's
Keith Thomas - A's

Bob Wilson - White Sox
Sam Jones - Indians - I sense a destiny with my mail pile for the both of you...

Pete Runnels - Senators
Johnny Wyrostek - Phillies

Closing out the pack we have a check list, and
the card that never was... Steve O'Neill - Phillies
You know why it's the card that never was? Because it's the ugliest damn card I've seen in quite some time mixed in with a reprint of the most beautiful baseball set of all time.
These are the only cards of this set I have, so if you need them for a set, drop me a line.... OR if you have extras of these that you don't want, drop me a package;>
Not a bad pack... (could there be a bad '53 pack???) but no Braves....

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