Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2008 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects

After whiffing on the pack of Donruss Elite Extra Edition, I chose the Bowman version of a draft pick set for my hobby pack this week.Will I strike out again or is the a Gordon Beckham or a refractor or something in this pack? Joey Votto is on the wrapper so he probably isn't even in the set judging from past Bowman wrappers. Looking at the back of the pack I don't feel optimistic. It looks like there's maybe one autograph and and two parallels per hobby box. I shoulda stuck with Timelines...

BDP8 Wes Bankston RC

Wes played 17 games for the A's and hit one homer while barely staying over the Mendoza line. He hit ok in Triple-A so maybe he's got a shot in spring training at a bench job.

BDP40 Michael Hollimon RC

Eleven games, one homer for the Tigers.

BDPP1 Rick Porcello prospect

A first round pick of the Tigers in '07 and considered to be their best pitching prospect. He pitched well in A-ball but he has to be at least two years away from the bigs.

BDPP29 Tyler Sample prospect

Royals prospect who has pitched all of 10 games in the rookie league. Who knows?

BDP54 Chrome Gregorio Petit RC

Another rookie with 14 games under his belt. He's got a really cool looking signature though.

BDPP29 Tyler Sample prospect
You're freaking kidding me... Bowman did this crap a ton last year, I guess we're back to more doubles in the same pack again.

BDP44 Edgar Gonzalez RC Gold parallel

I despise gold parallels in Bowman, they're a complete waste of cardboard. Edgar is Adrian Gonzalez' older brother. He's a thirty year old rookie who platooned at second base last year, but he's probably got a shot in spring training seeing as how his brother is one of the few decent players on that team now.

I don't know... I bought a few blasters of Bowman draft last year but I don't know if I have the patience for it this year. I need to double check the checklist and see if there is anyone I want in the set other than Beckham. I might be better off just buying singles this year.


Greg Olsen said...

Porcello pitched in college, so he is much more refined than a H.S. arm. If any of the Tiger's pitchers flame out this year, expect to see him making at least a couple spot starts in the Bigs.

Laurens said...

Porcello actually signed out of high school, though he had a commitment to go to the University of North Carolina.

ManOfSteal said...

Why can't I ever pull any A's in a pack, and you get two! If you're interested Dayf, I'd love to put together a trade of 2007-2008 A's cards for some Braves.

Unknown said...

Is there a Jake Goldberg Card in this set?