Wednesday, December 10, 2008

999th post - The ELVIS Collection

The next post on this blog will be #1000. Can ya believe it? I'll save that heavy responsibility for someone else though. The 999th post is all about ELVIS. I got this PACK O' ELVISNESS for one thin dime at a card show last month. Now, I share it with the world.

#382 - '68 Comeback special

I told you this post was all about ELVIS. That's a helluva way to start a pack.

#5 - Early Days

Elvis' debut on the Louisana Hayride radio show.

#441 - S.R.O.

ELVIS' GOLD BELT. Ya didn't know Elvis could wrestle didya? WELL HE CAN'T. Elvis was awarded that belt for breaking Las Vegas attendance records.

#631 - The Elvis Collection

How many cards are in this set?? Not enough! There will never be enough cards to fully encapsulate all that is ELVISH.That's Elvis with an h, not a reference to the language stuck up Lord of the Rings dudes speak.

#240 - The Wertheimer Collection

Elvis is a snappy dresser AND a smart shopper! Presley passes on this overpriced shirt in a Times Square boutique.

#48 - Army Years

HELL ON WHEELS ELVIS. Elvis was so dangerous, he failed his qualification on the shooting range. SO HE JUST KEPT ON SHOOTING. And practiced. Elvis is peaceful, yet determined.

#599 - The Elvis Collection

Elvis signs his contract with RCA. That dude in the middle that looks like the Devil? He's a record industry mogul, so, yeah. He basically is the Devil.

#229 - Graceland Tour

This holy relic is a 1973 Stutz Blackhawk automobile. This is the last car Elvis ever drove.

#78 - Elvis Movies

Jailhouse Rock. See for yourself:

#483 - The Elvis Collection

Elvis in concert in Louisville, Kentucky on November 25th, 1956. Shake it Elvis!

#261 - The Wertheimer Collection

In a peaceful moment, Elvis listens to an acetate of a recently recorded single. Elvis is a professional.

#404 - '68 Comeback special


There's a special offer card in there too, but it is too painful to view the card realizing you can never get an official Elvis Binder with 10 9-card protective sheets with subset dividers PLUS an exclusive plexiglas card holder for your favorite ELVIS card for only $19.95 payable to the River Group knowing that the offer expired on March 31, 1993 so I won't put you through that.

I hope you enjoyed this little slice of ELVIS as much as I did.

No, I'm not going to post the Mojo Nixon song, I am being sincere and not at all ironic in this post.

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the king said...

hi. can you tell me where i can get my hands on the 25 set of postcards from elvis the colliction.
thank you