Monday, December 08, 2008

2008 Topps Baseball Updates & Highlights Presents 2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers Series Jumbo Pack

That's right, Jumbo Pack. I didn't know that these things existed either until I found one lonely cello pack sitting on top of a fresh box of TBU&HP2008THHNS which looked untouched. I literally said aloud "what the hell is this??" right out in the middle of the store. Or, actually the frontish part of the store by the Pizza Hut snack bar. In any case, I exclaimed in an audible voice in a public place my surprise over a pack of baseball cards. Yes, I'm that guy. I don't like this set and I have decided to wait about 6 months and buy a box for about $25 when dealers will be begging to get rid of them, but I can't resist something weird and a jumbo pack of Heritage fits that description. Rip.

587 Mike Napoli
642 Nick Punto
558 Adam Kennedy
646 Marco Scutaro
533 Jonny Gomes
551 Clete Thomas RC
623 Eric Hinske
614 Russell Branyan
665 Texas Rangers
612 Jeff Baker RC
613 Houston Astros
TN4 Willie McCovey & Ryan Braun Then & Now
C283 Cody Ross Chrome #0423/1959
UH2 Sean Casey Topps
UH81 J.C. Romero Topps
Topps Head of the Class David Wright

So here's the deal with these packs. They are basically like two packs of Heritage mooshed into one. They are actually better, because two packs of normal Heritage High gets you 12 Heritage cards, 4 Topps cards and two awful pieces of gum for $5.98. This pack has one more Heritage card, one less Topps card and only one piece of horrible gum for $4.99. More Heritage for less money = happy, joy and frolicking bunnies as far as I'm concerned. I've only seen this one pack though, so as far as I know it was the only one in the universe.

Ok now for the pack itself. Well, the base cards are a pretty good reflection of the checklist. That is to say, something only a team collector could love, and they'd only love 1/30th of it at that. Seriously, who's the star out of that mess? Adam Kennedy? Russell Branyan? I guess if you squint you can see Josh Hamilton on the Rangers team card. Um, actually I don't see him. He's gotta be there somewhere. I got two inserts though, which is nice. Cody Ross is nice and shiny and the McCovey/Braun Then & Now card is a cool pair of Rookie of the Year winners. Sorry Thorzul, the McCovey is off the table. I don't care a whit about the Topps cards, but there were two annoyances in this pack. Apparently David Wright ad cards count as one of the three Topps cards in the pack, and I pulled what seems like my 80th Sean Casey card. The worst part about the pack is that all the cards reek of that gum. I chewed one piece of the new gum for less than two minutes and now even the smell makes me nauseous. Yes, I am going to harp on the gum for the rest of my life, or until Topps fixes it. Bring back the Mexican gum, Topps! this Chinese gum ain't cutting it! Anyway, If you do like Heritage High Numbers and you have a choice between normal and jumbo packs, go for the jumbo. More cards, cheaper packs, no brainer.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Maybe Josh Hamilton is behind that goofy fence on the Ranger card?? =)

madding said...

If the Rangers team card is like the Cardinals team cards from Heritage, it's probably 2 or 3 years out of date.

Laurens said...

I read about how the gum was wretched, but my piece from a recent pack break was fine.

The serial number of the clear, plastic gum wrapper is '8233.'

I do find it kind of odd that the gum was made in China as opposed to Duryea, Pennsylvania. I never realized the gum was made in another country.

I guess you find new things out every day.

dayf said...

Ok, I've had three people tell me that the gum is fine. I'm trying another piece.


the texture is definitely different. Smoother, no sugar granules.

This one had more of a bubblegummy taste but there's still this distinct sour aftertaste thing going on and I really, really don't like it.


Ok, so maybe it's not as toxic as I thought, but it's definitely DIFFERENT, and I really don't like that strange aftertaste.