Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 Topps U&H Presents 2008 Heritage High Number Series retail jumbo 'hanger pack'

2008 Topps U&H Presents 2008 Heritage High Number Series retail jumbo 'hanger pack' [$4.99 each] - about double the number of Heritage High Number cards and a little less of the Updates and Highlights cards.

2008 Topps Heritage High Number cards

#630 Ryan Ludwick - after his breakout year in 2008, I suddenly need more cards of him.
#645 Masahide Kobayashi - the retro 'Topps News Rookie Stars of 2008' design does nothing for me.

#671 Chris Davis - Texas Rangers' rising star
#603 Joel Pineiro - he was poised to be an ace, but flamed out. Maybe he will 'breakout' in 2009, with the help of Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan. His spelling of his last name always got me confused. Is it 'ei' or 'ie' in 'Pineiro?'

#513 Darin Erstad - looking back at his career, it could have been so much more, but I don't think Erstad has had any regrets as the all-or-nothing, lay it out on the line, grinder.
#618 Matt Diaz - after having a breakout season in 2007, kind of disappeared in 2008.
#616 Brian Schneider
#563 Doug Mientkiewicz
#641 Omar Infante
#541 Jon Rauch
#555 Jeff Keppinger

#TN 6 Del Crandall/Russ Martin - Then and Now insert
#C207 Geovany Soto - Chrome parallel insert serial #'d 1306/1959

2008 Topps Update and Highlight cards
#UH 104 Omar Infante
#UH 51 Fernando Tatis
#UH 78 Dallas Braden

David Wright - Students Work Hard, Get Cards

Influenced by this APAD post - I decided to pick one up for myself and while I don't it was such a great pack of 'content,' it was OK.

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dayf said...

I got myself one more jumbo pack of this to open up Christmas Day and pulled 4 black back parallels and nothing else. I'm not even looking at another pack of this crap until the 2009 season is underway. I'll bet boxes are going for $10 a pop by then.