Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009 Press Pass Racing

I got this pack today for three reasons: 1) Racing fans get no love on this site 2) There wasn't a damn thing interesting in the card aisle at Wally World 3) I wanted to be the first person to open a 2009 pack here. I don't really follow NASCAR at all, but the only baseball pack I was remotely interested in was Timelines and I've got a hobby box on the way. So why not try something different, I thought. It actually could have been worse, I saw a repack box of wrestling cards with a Jake the Snake chrome card showing that I almost got. If there had been a pack of Topps Heritage showing I would have gotten it. They also had Upper Deck Documentary blasters. 120 cards for 20 bucks. Good, right? WRONG. There's 8 billion cards in that set and there wasn't even an extra insert in th box. Blech. Instead I got some Press Pass to post and a Football repack to open tomorrow while I watch the Falcons. I really don't know anything about racing, I can't even figure out who this is on the pack. Looks familiar though. Who's 88? Basically, I like Bill Elliott because he is from Dawsonville, GA and he is awesome, and I like Tony Stewart just because. So if I get one of them or something shiny I'll be happy and the rest will end up in a package for some race fan. Let's open.

95 Tony Stewart/Greg Zipadelli

Yeah! Tony Stewart right off the bat. Everything else is gravy. This is some sort of subset and has a facsimile autograph in foil. Pretty cuil.

29 Sam Hornish Jr.

Hey there's stats on the back... Sam's finish in the first 26 races and the money he won in 2008. Too bad it's not the entire year's races. Sam didn't finish higher than 13th, so I'm not going to bother with a scan. He has some nifty sideburns though.

TP5/9 David Ragan Tradin' Paint

Tony Stewart and a Shiny Card. All I need is Awesome Bill for my racing Trifecta. This is a one in twelve pack insert card showing off an alternate paint job on the driver's car. Appropriately enough this one features some Boston Red Sox logos that were added (above the AAA logo on the hood, if you squint) for the race in New Hampshire. All you people grumbling about a racing pack on your baseball blog feel pretty foolish now, doncha?

53 Mike Skinner Blue Foil

This dude races trucks. He came in third at the race in Atlanta so I guess he's ok. this is one of those obnoxious blue foil one per pack parallel that Press Pass loves so much. I hates them and will not show them off.

28 Dave Blaney

I don't understand racing. Dave hasn't finished better than 9th in a race, but he beat Sam in a bunch of races but still made a lot less money than Sam in those races. Dave drives a Toyota while Hornish drives a Dodge so maybe NASCAR is discriminating against the Japanese.

50 Erik Darnell

Another trucker dude. Hey! He actually won a race! The Cool City Customs 200 on June 14th. Good jorb, Erik! I shall scan your card in honor of your triumph.

I'll say one thing for Press Pass, they've figured out a good looking design for cards and they stick to it like glue. these cards have the same style and quality as the 1998 football cards that I bought like crazy hunting for Mannings ten years ago. I'm happy with this pack, maybe I'll open another racing pack in 2010.


Captain Canuck said...

dude! I never post my Nascar packs 'cause I figure no one wants 'em.... now I will! Thanks dayf!
Yes, I love Nascar... let the redneck jokes fly...
How come the guy in Calgary loves Nascar and the guy in Atlanta doesn't even know who Dale Earnhardt Jr. is.....

dayf said...

Ya can't fool me, Earnhardt Jr is #8 not #88. And he drinks Bud, not Amp.

Johnny said...

Cool post. Was enough to convince me to pick up a pack of 09 PP NASCAR which I'll agree have a really solid look that's probably better than the too-much-white Element 09.