Monday, December 15, 2008

2007 Allen & Ginter retail

Here's a late night quickie of something we pretty much all love on this site. '07 Allen & Ginter. I have the whole set so basically I bought the pack just for the mini card and the joy of opening a pack of A&G. Let's see what resides within.

104 Jeff Kent
328 Jason Jennings
308 Mark Zupan SP
129 Craig Monroe A&G mini
185 Troy Glaus
260 Andruw Jones

Not bad. I got an interesting short print of the Murderball guy and a bunch of minor stars. Well, Andruw's stock is pretty low right now, and I haven't kept up with Jennings since he left Colorado, but it's not terrible. I think I have the Monroe mini already, but not the A&G version. Like it really matters.

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