Thursday, December 11, 2008

2008 Legends Thirty Five Cards For Two Dollars Junk Repack

Wow, I guess no one wanted the 1000th post. You all hated my Elvis post too. How can you hate Elvis? It's not natural. I shall have my revenge, however. You had your chance, now you're stuck with a Legends crap pack. I got this at Books A Million for two bucks while shopping for presents. There were actually 39 cards in the 35 card pack, so I've put 36 of them in old 9-pocket sheets to scan and saved three special cards to show off individually. Here's what I got.

2005 Fleer Tradition Nomah - this is the grey parallel version for what it's worth.
2005 Fan Favorites Rafael Santana - Fan Favorite? Really? The card is creased in the middle too.
2004 Skybox LE Kevin Brown die cut - I can't remember if the die cuts were a parallel or a hobby version or what.
2004 Upper Deck Casey Daigle Star Rookie - The former 1st round pick of the D-Backs has been stuck in Triple-A for the past three years.
1987 Topps Cecil Fielder - This would have been a good card about 18 years ago.
1991 Donruss Rob Dibble - Nasty!
1987 Chuck Cary - Chuck's factoid on the back is all about Brooks Robinson.
1990 Donruss Ozzie Guillen - If Bobby ever stops managing the Braves, I want Ozzie for manager. Hopefully he'll say something horrifically stupid and get kicked out of Chicago the day Bobby announces his retirement.
1987 Topps Ed Vande Berg - There's a lot of '87 cards in this pack. Ed's split last name on this card looks weird to me.

1986 Donruss The Rookies Pete Incaviglia - Inky Rookie!!! No way! I just checked my 1989 price guide and this card booked for $2.00 which is how much I paid for the pack. Too bad it's not 1989.

1986 Donruss Cesar Cedeno - I never got a single pack of '86 Donruss in 1986 and they always look special to me now.
1992 Pinnacle Ruben Sierra - somewhere in my basement there is a binder with about 5 pages worth of Sierra cards in it.
1992 Upper Deck Milt Cuyler - I wonder if he's related to Kiki? Maybe Early?
1994 Collector's Choice Scott Livingstone - I hated this set when it first came out and now I can't remember why.
1992 Leaf Dick Schofield - My roomate in college collected Dick Schofield cards. I have no idea why.
2004 Showcase Esteban Loaiza - I always got him mixed up with Javier Vazquez, which is really annoying now. Esteban was dominating in Front Page Sports '98 for some reason.
1991 Score Joe Grahe - Score was always known for their colored borders so when one of the colors was white in 1991, I thought it was a big rip-off.
1990 Donruss Oil Can Boyd - Every serious collection needs at least one Oil Can.
1991 Donruss Ramon Martinez - Remember when Pedro was his brother instead of the other way around? This card looks like it's been in the bottom of someone's shoe.

1994 Andy Tomberlin - Look at this picture. Andy only had 5 major league cards (at least that's all I can find) and this is one of them. '94 Donruss, Pinnacle and Stadium Club, '96 Mother's Cookies and '97 Pacific Gems of the Diamond. That's it. And Topps chose this photo. Poor Andy.

1993 Fleer Carlos Baerga - This card's beat up too... there must have been some wild times at the repack factory that day.
2001 Fleet Tradition Aubrey Huff - Old school rainbow Rays cap. Gotta love that.
1997 Pinnacle Inside Scott Rolen - Scott's REAL rookie is 1995 Bowman. It has no autograph on it and it's not a funkyfractor numbered to 5 so no one cares.
2001 Fleer Tradition Corey Patterson - How in the hell is he not the next Griffey?? Dammit Cubs, quit screwing up outfield prospects!!!
1991 Topps Keith Miller - One of these days I'm going to buy a box of '91 Topps just to try to pull a vintage buyback card.
2003 Bazooka Barry Zito Comic - FACT: Barry has the best Win Percentage (.734) among pitchers with 50 or more decisions since 1900. ANOTHER FACT: Man, things can really change quickly.
1988 Leaf Joe Carter - One of my favorite things in the world is seeing a logo look at itself on an '80s baseball card.
1987 Fleer Mike Lacoss - See, more '87s. We're not done yet...
1989 Donruss Mike Greenwell - If I could hop in a time machine and go back to the late '80s I bet I could sell the cards in this back for at least 20 bucks. I'd get some funny looks when I showed them the Showcase, but it would be worth it.

1996 Collector's Choice Kirk Rueter - I bet you don't know how to pronounce his last name. Quick- say it three times fast.
1986 Topps Lance McCullers - Lance McCullers is a MAN'S name.
1994 Pacific Kevin Brown - Two Kevin Brown cards in this pack from oddball sets 10 years apart. Weird.
1987 Donruss Brian Holton - This card is about an eighth of an inch taller than normal, and coincidentally enough it beat at about an eighth of an inch from the top.
1992 Fleer Ultra Todd Marinovich - I have no idea what this card is doing in here.
1992 Topps Mike Flanagan - Mike has the full stats from 1975-1991 on the back.
1987 Donruss Tito Landrum - Final '87 count: 6 with one Fan Favorites card in an '87 style. Tito smiles at the '87 domination.
1993 Fleer Ultra Chico Walker - Tito and Chico back to back!
1990 Fleer The Starter & Stopper - Those two guys behind Jeff and Mark are creeping me out.

1990 Fleer League S Best Shortstops - Even though this combo card with Cal Ripken Jr is the 39th card in a 35 card pack and is probably the best of the bunch, this card is actually a tragedy. You see, the card slipped to the side of the pack and got glued to the cardboard backing. If I try to remove it a big chunk is going to come off the front of the card. That's not all though -

This is a scarce Canadian version of the card which makes it 10 times as valuable as a normal Fleer card. Of course that makes it worth about 50 cents, but still. Anyone know how to unstick Ripken cards from the cardboard backing of a junk repack?


Anonymous said...

Boil a pot of water and steam it off. Of course, the card will then curl up in the fetal position. That's my bad advice for the day.

night owl said...

Reeter, reeter, reeter.

William said...

That Todd Marinovich card is more than worth the $2 you paid for this. I can see the guys at the factory sitting next to stacks and stacks of Marinovich cards, piled up in the lounge, the break room.... Their logistics guy walks in for a sip of coffee, gets stared at, and yells "HE WAS A LOCK! HE WAS A SURE THING!"

Kevin said...

Casey Daigle is married to Ms. Jennie Finch, so I will not be shedding any tears for him.

JOHN KLIMA said...

Inky! The guy who once hit a ball through a playwood fence, who refused to sign with the Expos, and who I last saw drunk out of his mind at the winter meetings a few years back.

That 1986 rookie class in the AL...Joyner (score me that all-star sticker in the 25-cent packs in1987)...Tartabull...Sierra...Canseco...I remember Gene Mauch (who I love) saying he had never seen another class so good. And now I understand why Mauch never won the World Series.