Friday, December 05, 2008

1982 Topps Baseball

I originally was not going to post this pack because it was pretty crappy and probably searched but after some encouragement from Andy of 78 Topps Cards fame who was dying to know the contents anyway but didn't want to watch the video, I figured I might as well put it here on apad for all to see. So here goes...

To watch the video of this pack break click here.

Upon opening there is a 26 year old cracked piece of ancient brittle gum.

305 - Don Sutton
The cards are in the pack backwards so Sutton has a big wax stain on the FRONT. Not a good sign that this is legit. Nevertheless I proceed on.

704 - Mickey Rivers
Great leadoff hitter for the Yankees and Rangers.

554 - Carlton Fisk All Star
Hey alright. Pudge!

99 - Barry Bonnell

792 - Frank Tanana
I always think it's cool to get the first or last cards of a set.

760 - Bill Buckner

740 - Dave Lopes
His facsimile auto says Davey which is how I always remember him.

690 - Dave Kingman
King Kong!

322 - Garry Hancock
Never heard of him. Some bummy outfielder for the BoSox.

489 - Rick Dempsey

47 - Jeff Leonard
Again, better known as Jeffrey Leonard.

628 - Bill Travers

384 - Keith Moreland

607 - Leon Durham
I thought this was his rookie at first but then I realized he had '81 cards when he came up with the Cardinals.

647 - Warren Brusstar
Never heard of him either but the back of his card said he won a game in the '80 NLCS for the Phils.

Well for $4.49 delivered I got my 15 cards, they are all mint, only the top and bottom card had stains, one from the wrapper, one from the gum, so I have no proof this was searched but something tells me it was. Oh well. I should heed my own advice and stick to cello and rack packs but I couldn't resist a shot for a Ripken. At least I think I had a shot. =)


stusigpi said...

I don't know man, that was a pretty solid pack. If someone was searching the packs, back in the day you never know. Some people used to take out all the stars, some people didn't they just searched for Nolan, Ricky, Cal, Brett. It wasn't uncommon for packs to be upside down like that. I am going to say 70/30 not searched. My odds are not scientific and yes I made them up.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Thanks man I feel better.

Andy said...

I had the same thought...not searched.

Trojan Nation said...

I'm glad you posted this. It was a pack of '82 Topps just like this that I won at an Easter Egg hunt at my church that started me in collecting baseball cards.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...