Tuesday, December 09, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage

About a week ago, I posted a pack of 1984 Topps here that I picked up recently. I bought 5 packs in total and someone requested a link to a post of the rest of the packs. Enough about me, though, let's talk about cheaply obtained baseball cards found in a repack box recently. Here's a pack of 2007 Bowman Heritage, something I'd much rather buy more than quite a few things that Topps has put out this year.

94 - Kenny Rogers (There's no mention of his "performance" in the 2006 World Series on this card.)
174 - Kazuo Matsui (Kazuo seemed to put it all together for the Rockies in 2007, only to find himself playing for the Astros the next season. That would be a personal nightmare if it happened to me.)

234 - Ryan Braun (This is of the "no signature" variety.)

45 - Grady Sizemore Rainbow Foil

BHP35 - Michael Saunders (Will Saunders be arriving soon to help out the desperate Mariners? He reached AAA last season.)
BHP33 - Scott Lewis (Lewis made 4 September starts last season for Cleveland.)
219 - Michael Bourn

120 - Jorge Posada (Posada is more of a rootable player than some of his teammates, not that I'm mentioning names.)

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zman40 said...

I like how the Posada card shows him at old Yankee Stadium, before the renovations.