Wednesday, December 03, 2008

2008 Stadium Club Retail

Oh CRAP! I spent all night watching Good Eats and Mythbusters and a blustery left wing news program that isn't cool to talk about while sorting Chipper Jones cards and forgot to post a pack and it's midnight in like, 12 minutes!!! I need to post a pack ASAP!!! What to rip, what to rip... STADIUM CLUB! Five cards, that's quick 'n easy!

86 Justin Morneau
40 Eric Chavez
95 Honus Wagner
91 Jackie Robinson
12 Miguel Tejada 1st Day Issue
David Wright annoying advertisement

Hey, I got Hans and Jackie. I've actually got two of both, and the Robinson card has a weird white line on the bottom on both cards. If that normal or did I get two miscut Robinson cards? Morneau's good, Chavez used to be good. Miggy's a parallel, eh, not bad. So much for one rookie card inside though. Ok, post's done. Time to scan. I may have gotten a bit sloppy in the rush, sorry 'bout that.


deal said...

mmmm Swedish Meatballs.

Anonymous said...

I think I've gotten that exact same pack at least twice. I know that every pack that I've opened that has Honus also has Jackie. And all of mine have the white line as well. I like Stadium Club when it first came out, but now - not so much.

PunkRockPaint said...

I was just asking my girlfriend what spices she thinks might be used in breakfast sausage... Then Alton Brown answers the question for me. Awesome!!!

I watched Man vs. Food on the travel channel in lieu of blogging. Time well spent.