Sunday, December 14, 2008

2007 Upper Deck Future Stars

I ended up with a pack of this Future Stars stuff in a repack box (I swear I will stop buying those one of these days) that I got recently. I don't remember anything about this set or even seeing it in the stores, but it was probably there. It's just generic looking and useless enough for someone like me to completely miss it. There's 4 cards in the pack and it most likely retailed for $2.99, which means I wouldn't have touched the stuff anyway at full price. Sets like these are the reason the powers that be have put a limit on how many products the card companies can release each year. Let's see if I got a "Dice-K" autographed card or one of "2007's Hottest Rookies."

24 - Felix Hernandez (I suppose King Felix qualifies as a future star, though it's going to be hard for anyone to be a star playing in Seattle. Someone must have cast an RPG-style curse over that entire town and its sports teams.)

21 - Jon Garland (In what sense is a player with 7 years of ML experience and 82 career victories a future star? The card design isn't the worst thing I've ever seen, though it has some cheesy looking Tron effects.)

25 - Travis Hafner (I'm pretty sure Hafner was already a star at this point. Unfortunately, being in this set seems to have cursed him.)

76 - Zach Duke (In the future, the Pirates will be a team full of stars. In fact, they will enslave the rest of the league. Ryan Doumit will be the Demon Lord and Zach Duke will be the Supreme Master.)

Don't I even get a rookie card?


dayf said...

Nope, the rookies in this set are horrifically short printed. This might be the worst product of '07.

Mad Guru said...

Read your comment a few days too late. I picked up three packs of these out of a discount bin at Walmart this week and thought after we opened them, "What a horrible, horrible product".

zman40 said...

I bought a balster of this stuff this past summer and didn't get a single rookie. They made it sound like it was only rookies. I was pretty disappointed.