Monday, December 29, 2008

2008-09 Topps Basketball

The Hawks won their 20th game tonight over Denver, the first time they've won 20 before January first since 1987. Since I unfortunately don't have a pack of '87-88 Fleer lying around, here's a new pack of Topps instead. Is it bad that I like the basketball set waaaaay better than the baseball set this year? The old-school players really make the set. I don't even mind that they short printed the rookies again.

55 Jason Kidd
48 Danny Granger
25 Al Jefferson
145 Jerry Stackhouse
34 Paul Pierce
162 Brendan Haywood
IG8 Damien Wilkins & Dominique Wilkins
32 Shaq-Fu
24 Kobe Bryant
16 Pau Gasol
8 Carlos Boozer
144 Luke Walton

The 'Nique & nephew card obviously made the pack for me. The rest of the pack was pretty awesome too, even if there was a distinct Lakers slant to it. The photography is amazing in this set, why can't baseball be like this? Why do we have Shaq stuffing some hapless blazer in the face, Kobe facing off against King James and Paul Pierce soaring to the heavens in basketball...

and then they give us stuff like this in baseball??

Even Bronski Beat wants to know why...


madding said...

Aw man. There is absolutely no reason Jarrett Jack should be guarding Shaq. Jack is now starting in place of the late T.J. Ford at Indiana. (He is dead, isn't he? I swear I haven't seen that guy on a court in years.)

deal said...

maybe there just aren't enough baseball games for topps to take pictures at to get any good baseball photos.

I will rant on one more time about the topps logo being dropped in the center of the top of the photo in baseball - bleck. much nicer in the lower right for hoop.

Anonymous said...

That Shaq card is flippin' sweet!

B.J. Upton looks like "Hancock."