Sunday, December 14, 2008

1986 Topps Baseball

I recently purchased a couple wax packs of '86 Topps on eBay and here's the first pack I opened.

To watch a video of this pack break click here.

Upon opening there is a broken, brittle piece of 22 year old gum.

218 - Randy Hunt

344 - Jim Wohlford

630 - Fernando Valenzuela

518 - Buck Martinez
Current analyst for ESPN.

767 - Jody Davis

50 - Dan Quisenberry
Nice action shot of his submarine delivery. Led the AL in saves 5 of his first 7 seasons and Topps rewarded him with a star card number here.

79 - Dave Schmidt

Win a Trip to 1987 Spring Training Card

453 - Steve Jeltz

233 - Steve Lyons
This is actually Pycho's rookie card but it's not worth anything.

68 - Ed Lynch
The man of many chins.

701 - Keith Hernandez All Star
As much as I like the '86 Topps base design, the All Star cards from this set have maybe one of the most boring, generic designs Topps has ever come up with.

279 - Al Pardo
Who? Al Pardo. Oh. Wait who?

515 - Darrell Evans
Led AL in homers in '85 with 40 while batting .248. That has to be one of the lowest batting averages for a home run champ. Andy would know this but I'm too lazy/inept to check baseball-reference to find out for sure.

668 - Cecilio Guante
For some reason his jersey is airbrushed while his hat is not. And there's no reason for this as he was still with the Pirates. Very odd.

718 - Jorge Bell All Star
I loved early George Bell cards spelled with his given Dominican name Jorge.

Well that was fun. I could open '86 Topps all day.


Unknown said...

Dave Kingman of the Mets led the National League with 37 homeruns in 1982 while batting .204

Rod (Padrographs) said...

I just bought a box of "86 Wax off of ebay so I could build the set.

jacobmrley said...

dennis beat me to the kingman comment...

madding said...

Buck Martinez is with TBS now. I don't miss him on Baseball Tonight.