Monday, December 22, 2008

2008 Timelines

Here's a quickie just to get a pack in today. 2008 Timelines Hobby - first one for me with an autograph. Don't get all excited or anything though as you will soon see...

41 Justin Verlander - Got it.

60 Luke Hochevar RC - Need it! The back of the card has the same hobbit looking photo used as the model for the Masterpieces set painting. One other thing I've noticed... If the second card in the pack is the base rookie card, that means you got a Yankee Stadium Legacy card or an autograph.

127 Rico Washington '92 UD - Got it.

203 Randor Bierd Autograph - Not only do I need card 203, now I have it autographed! Or I have a sticker with an autograph plastered on it at least. Randor also is the winner of the "2008 Foster Castleman Memorial Most Awesomest Name Award" hands down.

370 J.R. Towles '95 SP - I've pulled five 1995 SP short prints cards so far. THREE OF THEM HAVE BEEN J.R. TOWLES. Argh.

150 Grady Sizemore '94 Heroes - Need it! I don't understand why so many people think the floating heads on these cards look weird. Ok, well this one is a little nightmarish, I suppose.

199 Kosuke Fukudome '95 minors - Thorzul just traded me this card. I wonder if his has the huge roller mark going right down the middle like 80% of all the rest of the cards from this subset have running through them.

220 Adrian Gonzalez Timeless Teams - I need this card and... YES! I needed the Padres stadium too! This was a good pack right here even with the SP triple and the hated Fukudome.

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Kevin said...

Sweet pull! It's RANDOOOOOOOR THE BURNINATOR! Yes, that's what O's fans call him...

A few of us...

Okay, so it's just me and the Camden Chat guys and gals. Ya happy?