Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2000 Skybox Metal

This pack was so shiny and metallic I just had to buy it. I wasn't collecting cards in 2000 so these are new to me. Let's see what's inside...

#24 - Chipper Jones - Atlanta Braves - Can't beat a Chipper Jones right out of the gate.

#150 - Craig Biggio - Houston Astros - Very under-rated player in my opinion, 20th all time in hits and a member of the 3,000 hit club.

#187 - Al Martin - Pittsburgh Pirates
#215 - Lance Berkman - Houston Astros
Fusion 12 of 15 - Roberto Alomar/Manny Ramirez - Cleveland Indians - I don't really see the point of this insert set. I guess they just combine two players onto a card and throw the word Fusion on there in really big letters. Kind of like the dumb "Classic Combos" cards that Topps has had the past couple of years, except at least in this case the guys play for the same team.

#186 - Roger Clemens - New York Yankees - Wow, these things are shiny! They've got sort of a rough finish to them also, and feel a bit like light sandpaper.

#66 - Roberto Alomar - Cleveland Indians - This pack was meant for an Alomar fan I guess, or at least a Cleveland Indians fan.

#154 - Trevor Hoffman - San Diego Padres
#78 - Jorge Posada - New York Yankees - Jorge looks pretty angry here...

#72 - Darin Erstad - Anaheim Angels
Not a bad pack. If you're a fan of really shiny cards the design isn't half bad. It looks like the checklist is fairly small too, so you're bound to get some decent players. I guess it was worth the $1.49.

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