Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition

Ok, honesty time: if this pack had anyone else besides Gordon Beckham on the wrapper, I wouldn't have gotten it. The shop also had Bowman Draft, Timelines, Heritage and that new Donruss Legends competing for my attention. Gordon in a Bulldog uni made my decision for me. I think this is the third pack of Elite Extra Edition (a silly name since there's no longer a first edition) I've ever gotten so let's see if I can get something decent.

28 Danny Rams

The cards are pretty much all foil, which is why they look pitch black in the scan. They are actually silver. The first thing I notice with these cards is that there's no draft information on the back. A line for 2008 stats, a small write up, a lot of wasted space, but no draft information. Pretty stupid for a set that is supposedly heavy on draft picks. Danny was a second round pick last year for the Twins. He's only played in rookie ball so far but he'll only turn 20 a week from today.

74 Mike Stanton

No, not the pitcher. Mike was also drafted in 2007, but hit 39 homers in the South Atlantic League last year. Dang! I guess you can call him a serious prospect.

30 Derek Norris

Another 2007 draft pick, this time a fourth rounder for the Nats. Was anybody in this set drafted in 2008, or did Razor sign 'em all up from that draft? Norris is a 19 year old catcher so we might see him say, around 2017.

31 Tyson Brummett

2007 pick, 7th round. I'm pretty sure I got all the '07 draft picks I want in my TriStar set from last year. Good news: Tyson has advanced all the way to double-A. Bad news: 2-9 record, 7.89 ERA at Reading.

76 Neftali Feliz

Aw geez, the Braves traded this guy way back in the Mark Teixeira deal! Where are the freaking draft picks?! Feliz is a highly rated pitching prospect for the Rangers, but that only reminds me on how badly we got burned by Teixeira. Ugh. This pack sucked. I wanted draft picks and I got the class of '07. Caveat Emptor, folks. I should have just bought the Beckham and been done with it.

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zman40 said...

I sorta know what you mean. Some draft info would be nice. I got two draft picks and one auto in the one pack I picked up. The thing that suprised me was the price of these. The hobby were $4 and then I found them at Wal-Mart (both are 5 card packs) for $5.