Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Masterpieces Hobby

I'm going to end the year on a good note with a hobby pack of 2008 Masterpieces. I have the non-shortprinted set already but I took a gamble on a hobby pack hoping to get a short print or a framed card or a jersey or something. I succeeded.

36 Miguel Cabrera

Miguel's a first baseman now? When'd that happen? I guess you have to get that bat into the lineup somehow.

118 Bob Gibson

Yeeeeaaaah!! Gibson short print! That 1968 season was witchcraft. No way a mere mortal does what he did.

CC-BP Brandon Phillips Captured on Canvas auto

Well I certainly gambled and won on this pack. It looks like Brandon got a little excited and tried to sign the jersey swatch too. I'm sure one of the many Reds bloggers out there would like this card.

13 Curt Schilling

Last year's Masterpieces Schilling card was extremely cool, this years... not so much. Among the many problems with this year's card:
  • Curt's dopey look
  • Curt's turkey neck
  • That big ol' Virginia ham attached to his butt
  • and Curt's CC Sabathia belly.
This artist has to be a Yankee fan. That painting is too good for it to make Curt look that bad.

Ah yes, Masterpieces is good schtuff. If only every pack could be this good.

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Nachos Grande said...

What a gorgeous Phillips card! I'd be interested in trading for that if you'd like.