Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008 SP Rookie Edition Football

I liked the SP Rookie Edition baseball set from last year so I decided to try a retail pack of the new football version. It's kind of like an upscale Timelines, with a base set and retro rookies. It's a little more pricey though at three bucks a throw. Blasters have a free pack of "Legends" cards in them and now i'm intrigued by this set...

56 Plaxico Burress
21 Braylon Edwards
8 Laurence Maroney
82 Drew Brees
105 Colt Brennan retro rookie
185 Kevin Smith retro rookie


He's a zombie, 'cause the Bulldogs KILLED him in the bowl game last year. Great pic from Upper Deck on that one. I guess it's a retro card but I've never seen the design before so I don't know what one it is. I got a laugh out of the Plaxico card with the big Falcons logo in the background. THE CURSE OF THE FALCONS STRIKES AGAIN. I really like the base design. It reminds me of a horizontal take on '94 Upper Deck. The '93? SP design is also cool, they textured the foil for the football release which looks kinda neat. Kevin Smith is not kinda neat. I've pulled more Kevin Smith rookies than I've watched Kevin Smith movies. And I have not bought that much football this year and I've watched a LOT of Kevin Smith movies. I saw a hobby pack and it had 4 base and 4 rookies (and probably a hell of a lot better auto odds) for $5 so if you like it, hobby is probably a better deal on this.

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