Tuesday, September 23, 2008

1981 Topps Movie Giant Pin-Up Revisited

My apologies for posting back-to-back, but when I got these in the mail today, I just couldn't wait!

Not long ago, Thorzul posted a great and unique find (here) on here: 1981 Topps Movie Giant Pin-Ups.

You can read about it by using the link in parenthesis above. After reading his post, I went on my own search and scarfed up four of these packs to see what I might get. I was glad I did!

One thing I did not see in his post (do not recall seeing) was the size of the actual posters themselves. They are close enough to be called 12" x 20".

According to Thorzul's list of hits and misses in this set, I scored THREE "Epic Wins" and a "Not Too Shabby." I'd have to say I agree:


Unknown said...

Well done!
I just wish I could have done half as well as you.

I saw the first one and started making a yummy sound.

--David said...

My daughter helped me open them, and the first she opened was Star Wars and we both had to pick our jaws (no pun intended) off the floor!

dayf said...

AWESOME!!! The Young Frankenstein and Star Wars are epic.