Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Retail

I'll be honest with you all. The only reason I bought this pack is because I fondly remember the Baseball Heroes insert cards from the early 90's Upper Deck packs. There's also no way I would have paid more than $1.99 for a pack of this stuff. At least I knew that there would not be a Tom Morello card coming my way no matter what happened here.

168 - Luke Scott (ugh, seriously? Luke Scott? I guess I better keep quiet, because you know that he's packing.)

35 - Nolan Ryan (exactly the reason why I bought this pack. anyone want some original Nolan Ryan Baseball Heroes cards?)

131 - Andre Ethier (I'm not sure if he qualifies as a Hero, either, but Luke Scott will make anyone look heroic to me)

83 - Torii Hunter Sea Green 15/99 (apparently this is "Sea Green", and not "Emerald" or just plain "Green"? is that even right? I have no idea.)

81 - Bo Jackson Black, or maybe Charcoal, or perhaps a Charbroiled Marble (Bo Knows One-Per-Retail Pack Parallels)

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night owl said...

Ethier got too-fat-to-swing Jones out of the lineup. So he's a hero to me.