Tuesday, September 02, 2008

2007 Topps Update

I've been away from posting here for a few weeks, not from lack of stuff to post but from lack of time. I see we have a new banner, very nice.

I picked up this pack at Target recently for $1.99. Let's see if it was money well spent. On the pack it says I have a chance to win 2 tickets to the 2008 World Series. Rats, I didn't win. This set has 330 cards in it and I only own 127 so there is a good chance I'll get some cards I don't already own.

#260 Matt Holliday - 2007 NL All-Star. Have you noticed that NL is a trademark?

#210 Daisuke Matsuzaka - Season Highlights. We'll this is nice. According to Beckett, this is the second best card in the set, after Joba. I already have the Joba card. This will go nicely with the selection of Matsuzaka cards I already have. Personally, I think he's got more upside potential than Joba.
#275 - Mike Fontenot/Khalil Greene - Classic Combos. Is it me or do some of these Classic Combo cards not make sense? Without too much trouble we can probably come up with any number of second base/shortstop combos that would be considered classic. But these would be players who are teammates. What makes a shortstop being erased in a double play a "Classic Combo"?
#199 - Yoel Hernandez - Rookie Card. The only Phillie in the pack. Looks like he was signed by the Phillies in 1998 and finally made his major league debut in May 2006. He pitched 10 innings and, I think, disappeared.
#8 - Trot Nixon. After 10 years with the Red Sox, He signed with the Indians for the 2007 season.
#3 - Jason Marquis. Signed with the Cubs from the Cardinals. On the back it says he "became the first pitcher ever to defeat a World Series winner for whom he pitched the prior year twice in April".
#266 - Justin Morneau - 2007 AL All-Star. AL is trademarked as well.
#326 - Milton Bradley. Do they pay him in Monopoly money? Has anyone made that joke before?

#327 - Justin Upton - Rookie Card. I don't know much about him except he's BJ's little brother. This is the third best card in the set (according to Beckett).
#6 - J. D. Drew - Gold Card (1017/2007). These were inserted in 1 of 4 packs. I only had three. I'm not a big JD fan (I'm a Phillies fan after all), but I like these gold cards.
#92 - Brendan Harris. Only one year with the Rays. This guy gets around. Since his debut in 2004 he's played for the Cubs, Expos/Nationals, Reds. Rays and now the Twins.
#50 - Jason Smith. Another guy who gets around. Since 2001 he has played in 245 major league games for the Cubs, Rays, Tigers, Rockies, Diamondbacks and Royals. I wonder what the record is for consecutive appearances in an update set?

Well, I'm pretty happy with that pack as I didn't have a single one of the cards and some of them were good finds. I should have bought two packs.

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