Saturday, September 13, 2008

2005 Upper Deck MVP

There were a couple sports card tables set up at the local mall today. I picked through a stack of 1975 Topps, choosing 25 gloriously colorful cards for $8. I also picked up a Harold Baines relic card, because as some people will tell you, you can't go wrong with ol' Number Three...But I just couldn't walk out without picking up a few packs to rip for your edification. Thoughtful, huh?

Pack 1

82 Steve Finley - Cool, I didn't have any cards of him with the Angels.

Steve Finley by you.

37 Jason Bay - Oh, Jason, you were pretty awesome. Why did you have to go to Boston?

40 Jeff Bagwell - Apparently he's the only first baseman in MLB history with 400+ home runs and 200+ steals. How 'bout that.

47 Johnny Damon - Pre-conformist haircut.

15 Carlos Delgado - Dude's been out of his mind for the past few months.

BU-37 Tom Seaver Batter Up! - This is a pretty neat insert series with retired players. Best of all, full stats on the back!

Pack 2

17 Chipper Jones - I think Atlanta kept the right Jones.

31 Hank Blalock - Always liked him. I hope he can get untracked after a couple years full o' injuries.

76 Roger Clemens - Not pictured: Abcessed buttocks. Eww.

32 Hideki Matsui - Thankfully not a closeup.

26 Eric Gagne - Stop weeping, Thorzul! It will all be over soon, I promise.

BU-32 Ralph Kiner Batter Up! - Sweet card, especially with the 1947 Pirates uniform. It looks a lot like the current Padres' threads.
Ralph Kiner by you.
So overall, not a bad way to spend four bucks. Classy, 1950's hot rod design, some big names, and a great one-per-pack insert. Kid-tested, Kevin-approved.

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dayf said...

I loved the Batter Up cards, but I couldn't justify paying 2 backs a pack for a low end product with 6 cards per pack. Good pickup on the 75s.