Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jumbomania! 1991 Upper Deck Hi-Series

At Reading, I picked up about $25 worth of loose junkpacks -- all of which I'll be video reviewing over the next weeks. Seven of these are early-90s Jumbo packs, and the first of which is a 1991 Upper Deck Hi-Series.

The last time I saw an unopened Jumbo pack of 1991 Upper Deck, might have been, well, 1991. Each pack contains 27 cards, and since this is a Hi-Series pack, half the cards are from the Lo-Series (Cards #1-700). You also get a Jumbo exclusive "Silver Sluggers" insert, and a shot at one of the 2500 Hank Aaron Baseball Heroes autographs.


Gamblers Fan said...

Bring on the jumbos! You have to go back in time to remember how exciting it was to open so many new cards at once... Beckett in hand!

Joe Martelli Jr. said...

Dewey in an Orioles uniform. Destroy that card, he will always be a Red Sock.

William said...

Not to be a choade, but that's a Luis Gonzalez, not Juan Gonzalez.