Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2008 20th Anniversary Hobby Preview

So I walked into our pathetic excuse for a cardshop looking to find some of those Topps Turn Back the Clock 5 cent packs. Fat chance. He didn't know what they were and had never heard of anything like it. *sigh* As I was about to leave, he called me back and asked me to hold on a minute. Into the back he went. When he came back out, he had a fistfull of shiny foil packs and a big smile.
"How about these?" he said... "I never knew what to do with 'em..." handing me three packs. "Take 'em"

What I was given was some 2008 Upper Deck Hobby Preview packs... 3 cards per pack. I was going to rip two.. and I put one in the mail pile to send out. When my wife got home, she looked at the cards.... and ripped the third pack. (Sorry dayf)

Pack One:

TONY ROMO-JO!!!!! - Cowboys NFL
sweet! The best player from the best team. I like this stuff already.

Mark Messier - Rangers NHL (apparently, this is a multi-sport set)

Evgeni Malkin - Penguins NHL

Pack Two:

Not a Bears fan at all... but this is Walter Payton. A winning pack already.

Magic and Dr. J. - Lakers and Sixers NBA
Three Hall of Famers in one pack. I never have really liked basketball... but if you were going to have two cards, these would be two good places to start...
Pack Three: (once again, sorry dayf)

Greg Maddux - Padres MLB
He's in the wrong damn uniform, so you get the back of the card...
Alex Rodriguez - Yankees MLB
Evgeni Malkin - Penguins NHL - a double... crap.
So it looks like you get two cards of one sport in each pack... but I could be way off too.
Upper Deck seems to have the right players in this set (current and retired) but the photos aren't as crisp and sharp as I've come to expect... and the gold foil on the front is a bit much.
Finally, to those of you I have trades ongoing with... I've got a few packages going out tomorrow... to others, I'll get back to you soon... email problems. (as in, too darn many... lost track of some, sorry)

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dayf said...

You have to buy twenty dollars worth of Upper Deck packs to get one of these at the local card shop. I never bothered to get one and it looks like they're not all that great. Nice Maddux though even if he's got a P on his cap...